In todays society, communicating via your mobile phone is becoming second nature to many. With the introduction of smart phones, SMS messaging can be successfully used in a business environment to delivery timely notifications to clients & colleagues.

Similarly to our business fax solutions, text messaging can be integrated with your internal software to streamline your business process. We provide support & help you connect with our API, allowing messages to be sent straight from your current software. Our API is flexible so third party developers can work together with our technical support team to create a tailored solution.

Messages can be personalised to include recipient details, plus you’re able to set up two-way-messaging & ask for responses. SMS is being successfully utilised in a range of industries, and is commonly used to deliver business critical information, as well as appointment reminders & general notifications.


  • Full reporting
  • Two-way-messaging
  • API Integration
  • Improve Productivity


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